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Supply Animal Health Choline Chloride

Choline Chloridehas essential functions in the body of human being and animals. It is generally classified as a Vitamin of Bcomplex.Choline occurs in manmade in the form of choline chloride, It is used by most animals as a precursor of acetyl choline, which influences the transmission of impulses from nerves to muscles.It is also used as a source of methyl groups.In feed, the content of natural choline chloride limited. It can not satisfy complete demand for the animal growing.Therefore, choline is widely used as feed additive at home and abroad. It will stimulate the animal or poultry`s growth, put on their weight rapidly and boost up the body`s immunity function.It has prominence effects on improving the quality and quantity of eggs and meat. On the contrary, shortage of choline may cause liver diseases, retarded growth,perosis,reduced egg laying rate and increased mortality.

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Product Details

Supply Animal Health choline chloride

1. Product name:Supply Animal Health choline chloride

2. CAS  No.67-48-1

3. Appearance: White particle

4. Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat

5. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

6. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

7. Application: cows,goats and sheep, fattening cattle

8. Feature:Slow release in the small intestine,will not break down in the rumen; Low hygroscopicity


10.Storage: Store in cool dry place



①The shortage of choline in animals’ feed may arouse corresponding symptom,

②To poultry slower growth, reduced egg production, specifications shrink. Poor hatch of eggs, fat accumulating in liver and kidney and fat degenerating in liver, catching perosis, behavioral disorders, and muscular dystrophy.

③To pigs slower growth, behavioral disorders, mental disorders, muscular dystrophy, poor fertility, excess fat stored in liver.

④To bovine respiratory disturbance, behavioral disorders, loss of appetite, slower growth


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