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Rumen Protected Methionine On Fattening Cattle

Methionine content exceeds 60%. It is one of the essential amino acids for the growth of animals and animals. It is a "skeleton" amino acid for protein biosynthesis. It has a strong regulatory effect on animal metabolism. Widely used in medicine, food, feed, cosmetics and other fields.

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Product Details

Product: rumen protected methionine  

Active Ingredient: methionine≥60%  

Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat        

Appearance: white particles       

Feature: It Slow releases in the small intestine ,has good fluidity and can easily mixed.


 Balance amino acid ,improve feed conversion ratio

 improve daily gain and carcass quality of cattle

 Improve fertility  rate and improve reproductive performance.

 improve milk quality by increasing protein and fat content.

Usage and Dosage:



Storage: Store in a dry, clean and light resistant environment, and strictly prohibit mixing with toxic substances so as not to pollute. The shelf life is two years.


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