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Rumen Protected Lysine On Cows

Adding the appropriate amount of Rumen protected lysine to the diet can reduce nitrogen excretion, increase nitrogen deposition (eg, increase the deposition of nitrogen in meat, milk hair) and increase crude protein utilization in the diet.

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Product Details

Product: Rumen protected lysine on cows

Active Ingredient: Lysine≥60%  

Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat        

Appearance: Yellowish brown granules       

Feature: Slow release in the small intestine, will not break down in the rumen;

Good fluidity and easy mixing


Lysine Promotes normal growth and development by increasing collagen formation;

Lysine Supports the production of other proteins like enzymes, antibodies and hormones;

Lysine Promotes bone health by increasing calcium absorption; prevents osteoporosis or weak bones by reducing bone loss;

❹Prevents osteoporosis or weak bones by reducing bone loss; Lysine Helps convert fatty acids to energy, aiding in weight reduction;

Usage and Dosage:


(from 30 days before calving to 120 days after calving)



Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

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