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Propylene Glycol In Cow's Nutrrition

In the early stages of lactation, cows need to increase their energy intake to meet milk secretion. This includes an increase in feed intake and conversion of body fat, and propylene glycol plays a key role in this.

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Product Details

Product: Propylene glycol  in cow's nutrrition

Purity99% (liquid)  

Appearance: white powder    


❶Effectively dissolve the active ingredients of various drugs.

❷A product that has a relatively high humidity and retains water.

❸It has low volatility, is completely soluble in water, colorless and tasteless.  


❶Increase the lactose content of dairy cows in early lactation

❷Increase the success rate of fertility

Reduce the risk of ketosis and fatty liver in dairy cows

Usage and Dosage:

Dairy cows


PackagingAs you requirement

Storage: Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

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