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Multi-vitamins For Poultry

Multi-vitamins for poultry 1. Product name:Multi-vitamins for poultry 2. CAS No:/ 3. Appearance: Powder 4. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo 5. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland) 6. Application: livestock, poultry, ruminants 9.Type:Nutritional supplement 10.Packaging:25kg 11.Storage: Store in...

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Product Details

Multi-vitamins for poultry

1. Product name:Multi-vitamins for poultry

2. CAS No:/

3. Appearance: Powder

4. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

5. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

6. Application: livestock, poultry, ruminants

9.Type:Nutritional supplement


11.Storage: Store in cool dry place

product characteristics:

7. Advanced equipment, high mixing accuracy: use a full set of Buhler premix equipments imported from Switzerland whose mixing accuracy is above 95%.

8. Comprehensive nutrition:rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids such as phytase etc. needed by pig of different stages of growing and breeding.

9. Strong disease resistance: add health drugs, piglets' weight gain and survival rate improved significantly ,reduce weaning piglets from stess diarrhea,  promote fattening pigs' growth and improve reproductive rate, lower feed conversion.

10. Natural plants ingredients:select natural plant feed ingredients with health care function, combined with the ultrafine grinding technology of our company, improve fattening performance with the optimal cost-effective price, keep the feed conversion ratio on the level of 2.4 ~ 2.8:1, fast growth, from birth to sell just 150 days.

11. Use organic chromium: use organic chromium to improve chromium utilization, improve stress resistance and immunity of pigs, improve body shape and carcass quality of pigs.

12. Use phytase: improve utilization of phosphorus in feed, save feed, reduce environmental pollution and improve pigs' growing environment .


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