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Methionine To Breed Sheep

Methionine is one of the limitiong amino acids required by poultry and livestock and a nutriment for high quality chickenand pork. It can also reduce the discharge of NH3 in livestock manure. It is white or light grey crystal or powder with special smell. The density is 0.6g/cm³ and the melting point is 281 ℃. It can be soluble in water, low-concentration acid & alkali solution but ether.

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Product Details

Product: Methionine to breed sheep

Active Ingredient: Methionine≥60%

Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat       

Appearance: white particles       

Feature: it could release slowly in the small intestine, has special sour taste, soluble in water.


❶Meliorate the balance of amino acid for metabolism and supplement the insufficiency of L-lysine in the feed stuff to promote the growth of sheep and goats.

❷Improve the meat quality of sheep and goats..

❸Reduce the possibility of diarrhea and help to digest

❹Enhance the body's immune ability, effective to avoid infectious disease.

Usage and Dosage:



Storage: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse. When storing large goods, you should install conductive balance equipment, and prevent the accumulation of static electricity charge. Product should be prevented from solarization, humidity and rain. Strictly forbid with the toxic substances mix to luck.


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