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Methionine In Feed Grade Amino Acides

This product is a forage nutrition fortifier. Lack of methionine in livestock and poultry can cause dysplasia, weight loss, liver and kidney dysfunction, muscle atrophy, and fur degeneration. The addition of 1kg methionine to feed is equivalent to the nutritional value of 50kg fish meal. The general amount of feed was 0,05%-0.2%. The content of methionine is more than 99%. It is one of the essential amino acids for the growth of animals and animals. It is a "skeleton" amino acid for the biosynthesis of protein. It has a strong regulating effect on the metabolism of animals. It is widely used in the fields of medicine, food, feed and cosmetics.

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Product Details

Methionine in feed grade amino acides

1. Product name: Methionine in feed grade amino acides

2. CAS  No.:63-68-3

3. Appearance: White particles

4. Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat

5. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

6. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

7. Application: cows,goats and sheep, fattening cattle

8. Feature:Slow release in the small intestine,will not break down in the rumen; good fluidity.


Function of l methionine

1. Methionine can be used as nutional supplement. DL-methionine has the same effect with L-methionine, but DL-methionine is cheaper.

2. Methionine can be formulated as a flavoring agent.

3. Methionine has a protective role of the liver. Methionine has effects of anti cirrhosis, fatty liver, and a variety of acute, chronic, viral, jaundice liver.

4. Methionine has a myocardial protective effect.

5. Methionine has an antidepressant effect.

6. Methionine has a blood pressure lowering effect.

7. Methionine has an antivirus poison eradicates effect.

8.Methionine is the feed nutrition enhancer.Livestock and poultry lack of methionine, can lead to stunted growth, weight loss, liver and kidney function abate, muscle atrophy, fur, metamorphism and so on.Add 1 kg methionine, feed of 50 kg fish meal nutrition value.Feed in the general content of 0, 05 % to 0.2%.


Application of l methionine

1) Methionine is biological protein synthesis skeleton amino acids.

2) Methionine is the necessary growth factors in livestock animal.

3) It can also regulate animal’s metabolism.

4) It is already widely used in feed, medicine, food and cosmetics, etc.

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