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Methionine For Beef Cattle

Methionine is one of the basic units for composing the protein. It is the only sulfur bearing amino acid among the essential amino acids and it participates in the transmethylation interior the animalss’ body, the phosphorus metabolism and the adrenalin, choline and creatine synthesis. It is also the raw material of the protein and cystine synthesis. Methionine is unable to synthesize in the animal body. It must take in from food. Adding it in the feed can promote the poultry to grow, increase lean meat quantity and reduce the feeding cycle.

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Product Details

Product: Methionine for beef cattle

Active Ingredient: methionine≥60%  

Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat        

Appearance:  White or light-brown particles       

Feature: It Slow releases in the small intestine and has good fluidity and easy mixing.


Methionine has a blood pressure lowering effect.

Methionine has an antivirus poison eradicates effect.

Methionine is the feed nutrition enhancer.Cows lack of methionine, can lead to stunted growth, weight loss, liver and kidney function abate, muscle atrophy, fur, metamorphism and so on.

Usage and Dosage:



Storage: Stored in shaded, cool and dry places.


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