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Lysine Feed Grade

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that is available as a nutritional supplement. It helps the body absorb calcium, and supports the creation of collagen. Evidence suggests that lysine may help treat cold sores and help prevent osteoporosis.

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Product Details

Lysine feed grade

1. Product name:Lysine feed grade

2. CAS  No.56-87-1

3. Appearance:white granules

4. Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat

5. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

6. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

7. Application: cows,goats and sheep, fattening cattle

8. Feature:Slow release in the small intestine,will not break down in the rumen; good fluidity.

9. Packaging:25kg

10. Storage: Store in cool dry place


Main Function:

1.L-Lysine can improve the meat quality;

2. Improve the utilization rate of feed protein and reduce the dosage of crude protein;

3. L-Lysine is one of feed nutrition fortifier, enhance animal appetite, increase disease-resistant ability, promote wound healing, in the feed, usually adding amount is 0.1% to 0.2%.

4.L-Lysine is a kind of essential amino acids for human body, can improve the utilization rate of protein and increase the disease-resistant ability, keep balance of metabolism, promote children's physical and mental development.



1. Food grade: nutritional enhancer,used for seasoning in mayonnaise,milk,instant noodles food 

2. Medcine grade:preparation for compound amino acid transfusion,improve efficiency of drugs 

3. Feed grade: make poultry nutrition balance, improve meat quality and productivity  

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