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Good Lysine For Sales

Lysine is one of the most widely used amino acids. It is an essential amino acid required in the diets of swine, poultry and most other animal species.Lysine is frequently missing in most animal feeds. By adding it to the animal feed enables the animals to get a more balanced diet.Lysine forms an essential part in animals' diet. Inclusion of Lysine in the feed can enhance the protein utilisation and balance the amino acids in animals

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Product Details

Good lysine for sales

1. Product name:Good lysine for sales

2. CAS  No.56-87-1

3. Appearance:White granules

4.Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat

5. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

6. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

7. Application:cows,goats and sheep, fattening cattle

8. Feature:Slow release in the small intestine,will not break down in the rumen; good fluidity.

9. Packaging:25kg

10. Storage: Store in cool dry place

11. Function:

A:Improve intelligence, promote growth, enhance physical fitness.

B:Increase appetite, improve malnutrition.

C:Improve sleep and improve memory.

D:Help produce antibodies, hormones and enzymes to enhance immunity, increase hemoglobin.

E:Helps calcium absorption, prevent osteoporosis treatment.

F:Lower blood triglycerides, prevent the production of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


1. Food grade: nutritional enhancer,used for seasoning in mayonnaise,milk,instant noodles food 

2. Medcine grade:preparation for compound amino acid transfusion,improve efficiency of drugs 

3. Feed grade: make poultry nutrition balance, improve meat quality and productivity

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