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Feed Grade Vitamins

Among multi-vitamins provided, vitamin A is essential for normal growth, reproduction and maintenance. Insufficient Vitamin A is associated with lowered fertility in both bulls and cows. Vitamin D is required for proper development of bone. Vitamin D deficiency in calves results in bowing of the leg bones (rickets). In older animals bones become weak and easily fractured. Vitamin E and /or selenium causes nutritional muscular dystrophy, commonly called white muscle disease. This may be prevented by proper dry cow management and adequate levels of Vitamin.

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Product Details

Product: Feed  grade vitamins   

Active Ingredient: Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, nicotinic acid, biotin and carrier, and so on.

Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat             


❶Rumen protected vitamins can preserve longer than uncoated vitamins. Rumen protected vitamins can’t be easily oxidized.

❷Rumen protected vitamins has reasonable combinations. It can satisfy the vitamins’ demand of ruminants.

❸ Rumen protected vitamins can be mixed with choline and mineral.


Increase milk production

Food and mouth disease prevention

Shorten Fattening Time. 

Lower expenses on medical drugs

Usage and Dosage:



Storage:Dark, cool and dry place to save

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