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Coated Urea In Beef Cattle's Diet

This product is a rumen PH stabilizer and protein supplement specially developed by Zhejiang Yaofei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. with the ruminant using precision nutrition technology and the world's most advanced coated sustained release technology. it is released synchronously in the rumen by matching the rate of degradation of energy. It Maintains rumen PH at around 6.4 and the maximum activity of the fiber-decomposing bacteria.

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Product Details

Product: Coated urea  in Beef cattle's diet

Active Ingredient:  urea≥85%   

Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat        

Appearance: white particles, uniform color      

Feature: it will not break down in the rumen; and have good fluidity and easy mixing


❶Main function:Improve rumen efficiency and promote feed conversion.

Reduce waste

Improve microbial protein synthesis

❹Promote the digestion of fiber and use of roughage

❺Reduce feed costs per unit of mil

Usage and Dosage:



Storage: Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.


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