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Choline Chloride In Ruminants Breeding

In feed, choline is widely used as feed additive at home and abroad. It will stimulate the animal or poultry`s growth,put on their weight rapidly and boost up the body`s immunity function.

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Product Details

Product: Choline chloride  in ruminants  breeding

Active Ingredient: choline chloride≥50%   

Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat        

Appearance: yellow brown particles       

Feature: Slow release in the small intestine, will not break down in the rumen;

Low hygroscopicity.


Effective treatment of mycotoxin can be achieved through the joint action of physical and biological adsorbent and blocking agent.

Modified mineral substance, yeast cell wall, highly adsorbed mycotoxin instead of nutrient elements. 

Reduce liver, kidney and gastrointestinal damage caused by mycotoxin pollution.

Usage and Dosage:


10~25 g/day/head


Storage: Store in a cool dry place.

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