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Best Feed Grade Ruminant Feed Additive Coated Vitamins in Animal Feed Nutrition

Product: rumen protected vitamins Active Ingredient: choline chloride Coating Ingredient: particular vegetable fat Appearance: white particles Feature: 1.Specifically used in ruminants. 2.Advanced coating technology. 3.Efficient and rapid rumen, intestinal controlled release. Function:...

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Product Details

Product: Rumen Protected Vitamins   

Vitamins play an important role in protein metabolism, energy conversion and tissue metabolism in ruminants. Based on the characteristics of ruminants physiology and nutrition demand, we use advanced coating technology to make vitamins through the rumen.

Ingredient: Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, nicotinic acid, biotin and carrier, and so on.


❶ Can be absorbed and assimilated in small intestines adequately.

❷ Can be preserved longer than uncoated vitamins without being oxidized.  

❸ Have reasonable combinations and can satisfy the ruminants’ needs for vitamins.

❹ Can be mixed with choline and mineral.


❶ Rumen protected vitamins can be absorbed and assimilated in small intestines adequately, and they can promote the milk production and improve the protein content in the milk.

❷ Rumen protected vitamins can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and decrease the attack of osteoporosis, the deformed joints and ribs.

❸ Rumen protected vitamins can decrease the reproductive failure, promote the reproductive rate, and strength the health of cows and calves.

❹ Rumen protected vitamins can prevent mastitis, reduce the incidence of feet disease, and can keep the ruminants in good health.

Usage and Dosage:

Perinatal dairy cows


Beef and sheep

300-400 g/t

200-300 g/ ton.

100-300 g/ton

The rumen protected vitamins directly added to the feed.



Storage: stored in a ventilated and dry place, away from light.

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