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Zhejiang Yaofi Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

As the fundamental driving force for sustainable development of the company, Science and technology R&D has led YaoFi Bio-tech Co., Ltd. to innovate in the field of precision nutrition feed additives

Relying on the R&D platform of the Yangtze River Delta Green Pharmaceutical Industry Park,YaoFi Bio-tech Co., Ltd. has a close strategic cooperation. And it has a provincial-level enterprise technology center and a domestically advanced research institute like the Lilly Animal Health Industry Research Institute. Meanwhile, It also collaborates with research institutes to develop new products to acquire the sustainable competitive advantage about company's long-term development.The company has a professional, dedicated, love industry product R&D team.They have many cooperation with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and many other R&D institutions. At the same time, technical experts from the United States, Europe, South Korea also keep the long-term and close cooperation relationship with our company. All of these provide  world-class technical support to creating a precise nutrition feed additive industry.