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Yeast Mannan Oligo Saccharide (MOS)

Mannan Oligo Saccharide called mannan-oligosaccharides or Glucomannan oligosaccharides , the English abbreviation is MOS. It made up of mannose and glucose. Thta is one of the main active constituent of the cell wall. It exists widely in konjac powder, guar gum, Sesbania Gum and a variety of microbial cell wall. Generally contain 2~10 monosaccharide, monosaccharide betweenα-1, 2, α-1, 3, and α-1, the key is connected to the 6. Mannan Oligo Saccharide has unique gel properties.

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Product Details

Yeast Mannan Oligo Saccharide (MOS)


● Adsorption of intestinal pathogenic bacteria in regulating non-immune defense mechanisms.

● Activate the humoral and cellular immunity.

● Absorbed mycotoxin.

Content specification


Packing specification

1kg/Al-bag  25kg/drum

Reference Dosage

Depending on purpose

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