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Yeast Hydrolysate In Ruminants Diet

Yeast hydrolysates are rich in large amounts of nucleic acids, nucleotides (taste nucleotides), small peptides, digestive enzymes, free amino acids and abundant B vitamins and yeast cell walls. And it use specific yeast as raw material, high-efficient wall-breaking and multi-enzymatic hydrolysis and other high-tech, refined by refining. Otherwise,it has many functions like no carrier, high temperature resistance, granulation, excellent animal attraction, immunity and growth promoting and so on.

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Product Details

Product: Yeast Hydrolysate  in ruminants diet

Appearance: Light yellow to yellow powderhaving a characteristic odor of yeast hydrolysate

Main ingredient



❶ The product adopts advanced and efficient biochemical hydrolysis technology

Products have the function lihealthy, natural, nutritious, and have no resistance to drugs and residues

❸ Fully adapt to high temperature, granulation and other processing conditions.


❶ Improve animal resistance and anti-stress ability.

❷ Improve feed quality to influence the appetite effect.

❸ Promote growth and development.

❹ Used in livestock and poultry, ruminant, aquatic product.

Usage and Dosage:


Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, after use need to tighten the bag to prevent moisture.

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