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Yeast Extract With High Quality

Yeast Extracts not only widely used in the field of food seasonings, which can be applied to health foods and medicines. Yeast Extract, the nutritional element contains the high quality nutrition,which in the source of microbial fermentation.

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Product Details

Yeast extract with high quality

1. Product name: Yeast extract with high quality

2. CAS  No.8013/1/2

3. Appearance:  Pale yellow to yellow-brown powder

4. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo port

5. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

6. Application: Aquatic products

7. Feature:With a characteristic odor of yeast, No extraneous visible impurities


10.Storage: Store in a cool dry place, Need to tighten the bag to prevent moisture.


1. Liver protection, improve overall gut integrity and preserve gut health.

2. Improve disease resistance and survival rate of aquatic animal.

3. Improve cellular and humoral immunities of animal body.

4. Improve the digestion of intestinal tract, promote rapid absorption of nutrient substance and decrease excrement discharge.


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