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Yeast Cell Wall In piglets Breeding

Yeast Cell Wall stimulates the non-specific immune system of animals by increasing the activity of white blood cells and combines the advantages of various oligosaccharides such as balance intestinal microflora, absorb pathogens and mycotoxins in feed and improve animal production performance. Yeast Cell Wall has good thermic and chemical stability, and can tolerance against extreme processing conditions, without toxicity, side effect and residual pollution.

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Product Details

Product:  Yeast cell wall  in piglets breeding

Appearance: pale yellow to yellow-brown powder, with a characteristic odor of yeast,No extraneous visible impurities.

Main ingredient


Feature: Natural immune enhancer, no residue, no toxic side effects, good stability.


1. Enhance the immunity of animal, improve the resistance against pathogenic microorganisms including bacterium, virus, and protist.

2. Protect animal liver on detoxification and nutritional transformation function.

3. Regulate gut microflora environment & enhance anti-disease, anti-stress functions and high or low temperature tolerance.

4. Stimulate chemical receptors of  animals, increase feed intake for better growth &weight gain.

5. Proliferate anaerobic probiotics in water, improve water quality and stabilize PH value.

Usage and Dosage:


Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, after use need to tighten the bag to prevent moisture.


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