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Yeast Cell Wall In Poultry Breeding

Yeast Cell Wall is the livestock and poultry and aquatic special effective immune enhancer. Products are rich in immune function of beta-glucan and functional mannose. Heat, chemical property stability, can withstand extreme processing conditions (such as puffed processing).

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Product Details

Product: Yeast Cell Wall in poultry breeding

Appearance: Pale yellow to yellow-brown powder, with a characteristic odor of yeast,No extraneous visible impurities.

Main ingredient


Feature: Natural immune enhancer, no residue, no toxic side effects, good stability.


1.Enhance organism's function of anti-virus and reduces the infection of pathogens,promote animal growth.

2.Efficacious Improvement of intestinal microbial environment,stimulate to increase intestinal probiotics and stimulate to excrete harmful microorganisms and its metabolism matter.

3.It could lowers cholesterol and low density lipoprotein in body,and raises high density lipoprotein.
4.stimulate immune organ development,and stimulate animals' non-specific immunity. promote animals to absorb nutrition.maintain a healthy digestive tract flora in animals.
5.It is very effective on curing descrease of poultry.
6.Enhance the survival rate of Young livestock, Poultry and shrimp.And enhance the animal survival rate during the transportation.

Usage and Dosage:


200 g/t complete feed

Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage:In a cool and dry place.

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