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Yeast Cell Wall In Fish

The Yeast Cell Wall is not only rich in vitamin, microelements, various enzymes and eighteen types of amino acids, as well as possessing high energy value, it also contains protein 37%, amino acid 32% mannan oligosaccharide 17%, glucan 21%, it could save the cost for expensive protein sources and improve the efficiency of the used feedstuffs, meanwhile, Bevenovo's feed yeast can supply crude protein for animal growth

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Product Details

Product: Yeast Cell Wall in fish

Appearance:  Yellowish Brown to Brown Powder, with a characteristic odor of yeast,No extraneous visible impurities.

Main ingredient


Feature: Natural immune enhancer, no residue, no toxic side effects, good stability.


(1) Stimulate immune system and enhance immunity

(2) Decrease bacteria in animal excreta and improve breeding environment

(3) Helps to accelerate growth of animal and decrease feed conversion ratio.

(4)Replace a large proportion of fishmeal under the veterinary instruction

Usage and Dosage:


Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage: Slightly hygroscopic and should be stored in dry conditions in closed bags.

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