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Yeast Cell Wall In Feed Grade Amino Acid

Yeast cell wall in feed grade amino acid 1. Product name: Yeast cell wall in feed grade amino acid 2. CAS No./ 3. Appearance: Pale yellow to yellow-brown powder 4. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo 5. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland) 6. Application: Aquatic products,Sows, poultry,piglets 7....

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Yeast cell wall in feed grade amino acid

1. Product name: Yeast cell wall in feed grade amino acid

2. CAS  No./

3. Appearance: Pale yellow to yellow-brown powder

4. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

5. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

6. Application: Aquatic products,Sows, poultry,piglets

7. Feature:With a characteristic odor of yeast, No extraneous visible impurities


10.Storage: Store in a cool dry place, Need to tighten the bag to prevent moisture after using.



1, for poult improving high quality protein functional oligopeptides, improve poult disease resistance, reduce the weaned stresses.
2, improve poult feed palatability, increase feed intake and promote growth.
3, improve poult immunity, intestinal disorders caused by weaning have repair effect.
4, activation of lipase, and pancreatic amylase activity, improve poult digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Why choose us:

1.We have our own strong R&D team. (The R&D team also have many cooperation with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and many other R&D institutions.)

2.We have our own factory so we offer better prices than other traders.

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