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Yeast Autolysate Paste To Feed Shrimp

Yeast Autolysate Paste To Feed Shrimp

Yeast Autolysate Paste selected the fresh saccharomyces cerevisiae as as raw materials, through autolysis and enzymes in low temperature, decomposed yeast cell wall, that made yeast with various nutrients was degraded into a variety small molecular substances which can be easily used by animals . After this special process, Yeast Autolysate Paste is rich in nucleotides, nutrition small peptides including glutathione, yeast beta glucan and mannan oligo saccharide and other a variety of nutrients. It has a strong feed calling effect and enhance the immune function.

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Product Details

Product Yeast Autolysate Paste to feed  shrimp


1) Rich in GLU, good effect for feed attractant, could improve palatability and promote the feed intake;

2) Rich in small peptides and free amino acid, high digestion and absorption ratio, which can effectively improve the feed efficiency and promote growth;

3) Improve animal immunity, promote the beneficial bacteria breeding, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal disease

4) Promote intestinal development and maturity, improve the small intestine villi height and absorption area;

5) Effective adsorption of mycotoxin and reduce its damage to the animal body.

Content specification

Dry matter ≥ 65%

Packing specification

25kg/ plastic bucket

Reference Dosage

Aquatic animal feed, 10-20 kg/ton


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