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White Yeast Cell Wall Powder In Pigs

Our products can effectively absorb a variety of mycotoxins , increase antioxidant capacity to reduce stress damage,help treat the diseases to reduce the use of antibiotics, and improve feed utilization by promoting food intake,

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Product Details

Product: White yeast cell wall powder in pigs

Appearance: pale yellow to yellow-brown powder, with a characteristic odor of yeast,No extraneous visible impurities.

Main ingredient


Feature: Natural immune enhancer, no residue, no toxic side effects, good stability.


❶Anti-cancer and anti-tumor effects

❷ Optimize the intestinal micro-ecosystem

❸Effectively reduce the occurrence of intestinal diseases and enhance the immune system's defense function

❹Helps gastrointestinal peristalsis, thereby promoting the excretion of harmful substances in the intestine, and plays a role in bowel cleansing.

Usage and Dosage:


Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage: Store in a cool dry place, after use need to tighten the bag to prevent moisture.

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