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Poultry’s Yeast Cell Wall of 20% β-Glucan

Yeast cell wall is a kind of green additive, rich in various bioactive substances such as β-glucan and mannan (MOS), which can enhance immunity, prevent disease, promote growth, relieve stress, absorb mycotoxin, supplement nutrition, etc. A variety of physiological functions and its wide range of sources, low production costs, has been applied to pigs, poultry, ruminants, aquatic products and other animal breeding.In recent years, with the intensive, large-scale, and high-density transformation of the aquaculture industry, livestock and poultry breeding are vulnerable to a variety of stress effects, mainly manifested in reduced immunity, susceptibility to disease, high mortality, and the quality of livestock products. Significantly reduced breeding efficiency. The adoption of feed additives to solve the above problems has become a routine approach. Studies have shown that the yeast cell wall is a new type of green feed additive. Its main components are various kinds of physiological functions such as promoting growth, enhancing immunity, preventing diseases, relieving stress, adsorbing mycotoxins, replenishing nutrients and other physiological functions in various animals. It has been widely used in chickens, cattle, sheep and aquatic animals and has achieved good results.

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Product Details

Poultry’s Yeast Cell Wall of 20% β-Glucan

Product:Poultry’s Yeast Cell Wall of 20% β-Glucan

Appearance: pale yellow to yellow-brown powder, with a characteristic odor of yeast, no extraneous visible impurities.

Main ingredient











Feature: Natural immunity enhancer, no residue, no toxic side effects, good stability.


Promote the growth and development of immune organs, and enhance disease-resistant, anti-stress ability.

 Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

❸ Improve intestinal absorption function, and maintain intestinal microecological balance.

❹ Used in livestock and poultry, ruminant, aquatic products. 

Usage and Dosage:


300 g/t complete feed


200 g/t complete feed


200 g/t complete feed

Aquatic products

250 g/t complete feed

Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage: Store in a cool dry place and seal tightly after each use to prevent moisture.

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