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Hydrolysate With Characteristic

Yeast hydrolysate is rich in nutrients and can be used as a supplement for amino acids, peptides and B vitamins. Secondly, the nucleotide substances in yeast hydrolysate have important nutritional effects on animals, especially young animals. Studies have shown that nucleic acids can enhance the body's immunity, promote cell regeneration and repair, promote the normal development of intestinal tract in young animals, anti-oxidation and maintain normal intestinal flora; in addition, inosine and guanylic acid in hydrolysate As a freshening flavoring agent, it has a good application prospect in promoting animal feeding. Many companies have applied after the reaction, this product can effectively reduce the death rate of piglets, significantly increase the growth rate, and now has been widely used in various animals.

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Product Details

Hydrolysate with characteristic

Product: Hydrolysate with characteristic


Appearance: Light yellow to yellow powderhaving a characteristic odor of yeast hydrolysate.


Main ingredient


❶ This product uses advanced and efficient biochemical hydrolysis technology.

❷ This product is healthy, natural, nutritious, and will not have any resistance to drugs and residues.

❸ Fully adapted to high temperature, granulation and other processing conditions.



❶ Enhance animal resistance, anti-stress ability. 

❷ Improve feed quality and improve appetite.

❸ Supplement exogenous nucleotides to promote growth and development.

❹ Used in livestock and poultry, ruminant, and aquatic products.

Usage and Dosage:


Packaging25 kg/bag

Storage: Store in a cool dry place and seal tightly after each use to prevent moisture.

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