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Feed Grade Yeast Cell Wall Polysaccharide

Feed grade yeast cell wall polysaccharide 【Product summarize】 stimulate of cellular immunity and humoral immunity, bacteria growth, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Yeast cell wall mainly composed of glucan and mannan oligo saccharide. After extensive research in recent years found that...

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Product Details

Feed grade yeast cell wall polysaccharide

【Product summarize】

With selected specific yeast as the raw material, immune polysaccharide is a high efficient aquatic immunity-enhancing product by innovative technology including cell wall breaking, mult-ienzymolysis, and purification. This product is rich in immune functional ß-glucan and functional  oligosaccharides.  With  good  thermostability  and  chemical  stability,  it  can tolerate extreme processing conditions such as puffing or granulation. Moreover, it is free of drug resistance, residue, polluting, toxic and side effects. Therefore, it is currently a natural green and high-efficient material for aquaculture feedstuff.



1.Promoting the development of immune organs and strengthening the function of immune system.

2.Reducing intestinal pathogens, promoting beneficial bacteria propagation, improving intestinal function.Improving anti-stress ability and reducing stress response.

3.Preventing and assisting treatment of disease, reducing antibiotic dosage.

strongly adsorbing mycotoxin in feed.


【Content specification】

Glucan and mannan oligo saccharide≥40%


【Packing specification】

10kg/1 box (500 g / bag *20), 25KG/ bag


【Reference Dosage】

Piglet 1.0-2.0kg/tons

Sow 1.0-1.5 kg/ton

Chicken 0.5-1.0 kg/ton

Aquatic products 1.0-2.0 kg/ton

Stress 1.5-2.5 kg/ton

Disease 3.0-4.0 kg/tons


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