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Animal Nutritional Additive For Yeast Hydrolysate

Animal nutritional additive for Yeast Hydrolysate 1. Product name:Animal nutritional additive for Yeast Hydrolysate 2. CAS No./ 3. Appearance: Light yellow to yellow powder 4. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo 5. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland) 6. Application: Aquatic products,Ruminants,...

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Product Details

Animal nutritional additive for Yeast Hydrolysate

1. Product name:Animal nutritional additive for Yeast Hydrolysate

2. CAS  No./

3. Appearance:  Light yellow to yellow powder

4. Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

5. Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)

6. Application: Aquatic products,Ruminants, poult, piglets,growing livestock and poultry

7. Feature:

① The products using advanced and efficient biochemical hydrolysis technology.

② The product is healthy, natural, nutritious, will not have any resistance to drugs and residues.

③ Fully adapted to high temperature, granulation and other processing conditions.


10.Storage: Store in a cool dry place, Need to tighten the bag to prevent moisture after using.

8. Function:

1. Liver protection,improve overall gut integrity and preserve gut health.

2. Improve intestinal digestion; accelerate the absorption for nutriments and make them absorbed more completely.

3. Increase number of beneficial microorganisms and decrease number of harmful microorganisms in intestinal tract.

4. With flavor nucleotides, Good attractant to enhance the palatability

5. Ensure pets are healthy; their hair is bright and excrement is normal and free of defensive odor; no hard or bloody excrement.


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