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PVP-I In Fishes

This product could be applied in sea water and fresh water bodies.It is used in ponds of fishes,shrimps,carbs,shellfishes,frogs,etc,to improve the water environment and prevent diseases caused by becteria,such as Vibrio,Aeromonas Hydrophila,Edwardsiella,etc,or viruses or moulds.It is efficient in dealing with intestinal inflamation,skin rot,gill rot,putrid-skin,gill moulds,etc

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Product Details

Product name:PVP-I in Fishes

Category: Disinfectant.

Ingredients: Iodine, high polymer.

Applicable species: Aquatic animals in the seawater or freshwater, such as fishes,etc.




1. Do not apply this product to the aquafarm animals that are allergic to iodine;

2. Do not put this product in metal container;

3. Do not mix this product with strong alkaline materials;

4. Halve the dosage in ponds of juveniles;

5. Decrease the dosage in poor water or water with transparency degree ≥ 30 cm;

6. It is not suggested to apply this product in ponds of cold-water fishes;

7. Packages should be collected and destroyed.

Capacity:500ml per bottle

Storage: Keep sealed in a cool, dry place.



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