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Acetylglucosamine For Fish

Acetylglucosamine For Fish

the product can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate, synthesized with chondroitin sulphate as per stated proportioning, treat rheumatoid, and similar rheumatoid arthritis; it also can be processed N-2-D-Glucosamine hydrocloride, effe ctively kill knub cell growing, the product can be directly used in producing pharmaceutical planish pieces, canned capsules etc.

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Product Details

Product name: Acetylglucosamine for fish

CAS No.: 134451-94-8
Molecular formula: C8H15NO6
Grade Standard: Medicine Grade; Food Grade
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Purity: 98%min

Other features:

white crystalline, no smell, slightly sweet taste, easily dissolved in water, slightly dissolved in methanol, and undissolved ethanol and other organic solvents.


1) Enhance the function of the animal's immune system

2) Inhibit excessive growth of cancer cells or fibroblasts

3) Promote the healing of bone defects

Storage and transportation:

2-8°C sealed and protected from light

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