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Vitamins Play A Important Role In Animal Health And Productivity

- May 03, 2018 -

Vitamins play a important role in animal health and productivity

The updated guidelines which is published on the IPPE by DSM can help broilers and other animals live a healthier, more productive life.
      According to the new nutrition guidelines issued by DSM, adding vitamins to poultry feed should lead to higher feed conversion rates, better productivity and better animal welfare.

At a Tuesday morning event hosted by DSM Nutritional Products Inc. at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, a representative of the Dutch Life Sciences Company discussed the company's Animal Nutrition Supplement Guidelines and the significance of the latest standards for poultry producers.

The report was led by Dr. Gilbert Weber, Senior Scientific Research Scientist in Animal Nutrition and Health at DSM. He said that it is necessary to regularly update the vitamin guide because the poultry industry is constantly changing.

He explained that most of the research on the nutrient requirements of layers and broilers and other animals is based on science, even if it is not for decades. Weber said that with the changes and improvements in animal genetics, animal vitamin needs have also changed.

For farmers, the inclusion of the right vitamins is not just a production issue. Weber said that as production declines, the lack of essential vitamins can also lead to malformations in animals, which can reduce animal productivity and longevity, and can appeal to consumers. As animal welfare becomes a more important issue for animal protein buyers, he said that adding essential vitamin supplements to animal feed should be even more important for farmers who want to maximize animal production.

Weber said that DSM's best vitamin nutrition guidelines are aimed at helping farmers stratify.It may include broilers and other poultry, as well as pigs, ruminants, horses, fish and shrimp and other animals. He said that OVN aims to ensure that animals receive proper nutrition to maximize their genetic potential.

Weber said that for the poultry industry, proper vitamin levels are essential for birds reared under stressful conditions. Animals that deal with intensive stocking, air quality, lighting, noise, humidity, trash, and temperature problems may suffer from higher stress and more diseases and disorders. All of them will lead to higher metabolic rates. He said that the higher the pressure, the higher the demand for vitamins.

DSM's research shows that proper vitamin nutrition can lead to better immune response and flock health. Weber said that as regulatory pressures push farmers to stay away from antibiotics, vitamins as feed additives will become an important part of raising the immune system of hens and turkeys.

Dr. Ed Moran, Emeritus Professor of the Auburn University's Department of Poultry Science, said after Weber .What he said is that the inclusion of the right vitamins - especially vitamins A, B6 and E - can help improve intestinal and intestinal health and thus improve feed conversion under the situation without antibiotics.

Proper vitamin nutrition can also reduce the stress level of broilers in slaughterhouses and improve the quality of animal meat. The presence of the right vitamin helps to increase the nutritional quality of the meat, extend the shelf life, and transfer more essential vitamins to the body.

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