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Using microbial fermentation feed can reduce the cost of feeding!

- Oct 10, 2018 -

Using microbial fermentation feed can reduce the cost of feeding!

Microbial fermented feed is a new type of feed that has just emerged in recent years, which is economical, affordable and efficient. Because the microbial fermented feed contains many beneficial live bacteria, these beneficial live bacteria are pigs, cattle and sheep, eggs and poultry, and aquatic products. The daily needs of the animals are all nutrients that are easily lacking. The microbial fermentation feeds are all beneficial live bacteria and bio-peptide products. They also help the farmers a lot. There are many pigs of the farmers. Feces, piglets vary in size, diarrhea, and even yellow and white disease, and these problems have been plaguing farmers.

After many experiments, this kind of microbial fermented feed has solved a lot of problems for our farmers, which not only saves the cost of feed, but also reduces the use of drugs on the farm, saves money on drugs, and uses microbial fermentation feed. In the future, things like de-enzymes will not be used. This is the biggest feature, because the pigs only improve their immune system after eating microbial fermented feed, and the chances of pig disease are reduced or absent.

There are many farmers who are going through large and small pig diseases every year in the process of breeding. These pig diseases of different sizes make the farmers psychologically very embarrassed. For example, in the case of sows, let the farmers The most troublesome thing is that the sow's prenatal and postnatal supplement is very important, because the sow often pulls the plate stool, pulls the stool and constipation, which is the most troublesome thing for the farmers, because the sow pulls the dry stool, It will affect the healthy development and growth of the piglet in the sow's stomach. Also, after the sow has given birth to the piglet, it will not eat for several days, the sow will not go to the milk, and the newborn pig will have A big impact can cause the death of piglets and other phenomena.

There is a farmer in Hebei Province. After trying the Dawei Health Yuan microbial fermented feed, let alone the pigs feel the deepest feeling is that the pig's immunity and disease resistance are enhanced, thus reducing the incidence rate. Preventing constipation in sows also increases appetite, increases the number of ovulations in sows, increases the number of sows, and greatly increases the survival rate of piglets.

It turns out that after adding microbial fermented feed to pigs, it prevents the occurrence of intestinal diseases. It is obvious that sows do not need injections before and after birth, and also reduce the occurrence of yellow and white piglets in piglets, and effective prevention. Diarrhea caused by weaning, stress response and pathogenic bacteria in piglets improves the disease resistance of pigs and reduces the use of drugs, which increases economic efficiency.

The main mechanism of microbial fermented feed is: using our biological live bacteria, it can produce metabolism and form some enzyme preparations, so that pigs, cattle and sheep, eggs and poultry, aquatic fish, shrimp and other animals, the beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract will increase and improve. The immunity is such that the animal is not ill, which increases the absorption rate and conversion rate of the feed, reduces the medication, and indirectly saves the feed cost. The health microbial feed, patented products, green, safe and efficient characteristics produced by Dayi Company are deeply recognized and loved by users at home and abroad.

Microbial fermented feed has a killing or controlling effect on harmful bacteria. For the farmers, the disease of the animal is reduced, the birth rate of the animal is also increased, or the milk yield of the cow is stable, and the milk volume is stable or high. The breeding rate has increased, which is the real benefit of the farmers.

Micro-ecology allows the food to return to nature through the existence of beneficial bacteria, so that the farms use less or no antibiotics. Therefore, in the whole process, the microbial fermentation of feed products makes the quality of the meat, eggs and milk of this food also improved. Healthy food occupies every table.

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