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Use Of Rumen Lysine

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Use Of Rumen Lysine

1.It is not only a necessary amino acid for ruminants, but also one of the most important restrictive amino acids for ruminant weight, milk production or hair production.

2. The addition of appropriate rumen lysine in diets reduces the excretion of nitrogen and the accumulation of nitrogen, such as the accumulation of nitrogen in meat, milk and hair, and the utilization rate of dietary crude protein.

3. The addition of appropriate rumen lysine in diets can compensate for the lack of lysine in ruminant diets, satisfied the needs of lysine in ruminant, further improve the composition and balance of dietary amino acids, so that the dietary protein is more similar to the same-like protein method, the diet of amino acids and other nutrients in the digestion and absorption, and then trek feed conversion rate, trudging economic benefits.

4. The dietary supplementation of the appropriate rumen lysine can trek ruminant production (such as daily weight gain, milk yield, milk protein content, fat ratio, hair yield, etc.).

5. The addition of appropriate rumen lysine in diets can reduce the cost of waste, reduce the concentration of ammonia, improve the breeding environment, and be beneficial to the health and environmental protection of livestock and humans.

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