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Trace Minerals Play An Important Role In Animal Immune System Function

- May 18, 2018 -

Trace minerals play an important role in animal immune system function

We often discuss the benefits of controlling the immune response in farmed animals. We hope that they have a strong immune system to fight pathogens, but we also need this expensive energy/nutrient consumption mechanism to stay dormant when it is not needed. As it happens, the immune system is usually caused not only by pathogens, but also by some feed ingredients, such as those present in pathogens. Examples of this are yeast and soybeans. 

Recently,  concerning their role in the immune system response,zinc and other trace elements have been evaluated.The results can be considered preliminary but certainly interesting. Of course, more research (as always) is needed before we can assign these important roles to these common nutrients, but we cannot ignore more and more evidence.

As it happens, some forms of zinc, copper and other minerals can enhance the state of the immune system, and others can cause inflammation or mitigate this effect. Zinc, copper, manganese and all trace elements are no longer defined by their concentration alone. They are no longer simple minerals in classical nutritional terms. The specific forms of these minerals are now related to other functions, making them "functional" components - we want to avoid calling them "healthy" additives.

Of course, this is not only a super-nutrient (high) dose of this trace mineral that has such a functional role. Even some forms of normal (nutritional) doses can have function. Again, our researches began very early , but the data continues to accumulate based on a series of researches.

In short, paying attention to new developments in trace mineral nutrition, but before you make any changes to the premix, it is best to understand why you use the current form of minerals. Maybe you have used the right one!

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