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Three Points Of Autumn Cow Breeding

- Oct 31, 2018 -

Three points of autumn cow breeding

Adjusting the ingredients of the diet Feed high-quality dairy cows with high-quality forage, feed more concentrate or high-fat substances to increase the energy of the diet. Beans or animal fats can be used, and the supplement should be 1%~1.5%. Increase the protein content of the full-price diet to around 18%. Do not use too much crude fiber, especially silage. Practice shows that cows with a daily milk production of more than 32 kg should be controlled at 17 to 22 kg per day for silage.

Increasing the palatability of the feed The cow's appetite can be enhanced by preparing a full-price feed with good palatability. Practice shows that: 600 kg of water is added to 140 kg of water every day to cook a thin porridge, plus 9 kg of brown sugar, which is poured into the leftover material in 3 times, so that all the leftovers are eaten up.

Do a good job in disease prevention and control, do a good job in environmental sanitation, and regularly disinfect the cow house to reduce the incidence of cows. For childbirth and abortion cows, timely red sugar wheat bran soup to promote the timely discharge of the baby clothes. Do not milk at noon, scrub the breasts with warm water before milking, and use a 0.1% potassium permanganate solution to bathe the breasts after milking to reduce the incidence of mastitis.

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