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The Global Status Of Yeast Extracts

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The Global Status Of Yeast Extracts

At the beginning of 20th century, ye products took the lead in European countries, the 60 's industrialized production stage, but until the 90 's, with the advantages of ye, application field expansion and plant protein hydrolysate and other potential problems found, ye market has been rapid development, and rapid expansion to the rest of the world.

As a new type of food ingredient, ye is a rapid development trend, according to the survey data, the global production of Ye in 2012 is 150,000 tons, 2013 reached 170,000 tons, 2014 220,000 tons, annual growth rate in 13%~30% around.

Former in Europe (France, the United Kingdom, Germany, North America (USA, Canada), South America (Brazil, Colombia) and East Asia (China, Japan) and other regions have a large-scale ye production enterprises, the formation of the global ye industry, products are widely used in food processing and bio-fermentation field.

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