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The Function Of Ruminant Products

- Aug 22, 2017 -

The Function Of Ruminant Products

●Enhance appetite and increase feed intake.

●Enhance the rumen function, improve the feed conversion rate, improve the beef cattle, sheep day weight gain.

●Improve immunity, disease resistance, anti-stress ability, treat bowel disease.

●Remove the fly odor and improve the rearing environment.

●Improve meat quality, reduce fat deposition, lower cholesterol.

  • Feed Additives for Pigs Poultry Coated Acidifier Powder formula for Chicken
  • Feed Additive Coated Essential Oil Oregano Oil Thymol Extract Powder in Animal Feed
  • Ruminant Feed Additive Rumen Protected Methionine Supplement Coated Methionine for Cows, Sheep, Ruminants
  • Best Feed Grade Ruminant Feed Additive Coated Vitamins in Animal Feed Nutrition
  • Solid Feed Grade Propylene Glycol Powder for Ruminants
  • High Quality Feed Grade Yeast Cell Wall Powder Extract for Animal Feed

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