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Rational Use Of Fish Feed Additives

- Aug 17, 2018 -

Rational use of fish feed additives

Feed additive refers to substances added to the diet to protect nutrients in the feed, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients, regulate body metabolism, improve animal health, thereby improving the utilization efficiency of nutrients, improving animal production and improving the quality of animal products. General: For vitamins and mineral additives, due to the variety, low dosage, and high technical content in the combination of various vitamins and minerals, farmers buy their own micro vitamins and a single mineral to compound The effect is very poor, can not reach the balance of all kinds of material questions: the production of white compound feed can use the vitamins and mineral premixes produced by specialized manufacturers, according to the breed and growth stage of the farmed fish, reasonable addition: production of self-contained feed A small amount of special feed can be prepared according to your own needs. For example, according to the incidence of fish in the pool, the symptomatic drug can be added into the feed to make a bait for convenient use: when using the drug additive, it is necessary to abide by the relevant national laws and regulations, and it is absolutely not allowed to add drugs prohibited by the state. Some farmers add yoghurt that is banned in aquatic products to the feed to accelerate the growth of fish. However, a large number of studies have shown that although wow ethanol can promote growth by antibacterial, long-term use will reduce the transport resistance of fish, increase the mortality during transportation, and also reduce the quality of fish products and endanger human health.

Recent studies have shown that the addition of new additives such as probiotics, enzyme preparations, and Chinese herbal medicines to feeds can significantly improve fish nutrition, promote fish growth, and reduce morbidity. Probiotics are a concept that is relative to “antibiotics” and refers to active microorganisms or cultures that can be directly fed to animals and that are used to prevent disease, promote animal growth, and improve feed utilization by regulating the micro-ecological balance of the gastrointestinal tract of the animal: probiotics To a large extent, it replaces the function of antibiotics without any side effects. The enzyme is a biologically active protein. As a feed additive, it is mainly a digestive hydrolase. The enzymes include protease, amylase, phytase, cellulase, etc., and complex enzyme preparations containing various enzymes. The combination of probiotics and enzyme preparations is better in production. The optimum combination level of grass carp feed is 0.52%-o.66% for probiotics and 20.20%-o.21% for enzyme preparation; the most suitable combination for carp feed The addition level was probiotics o.57%-o.69%, and the enzyme preparation was added o.14%-o.18%. China's Chinese herbal medicine resources are abundant. For a long time, our people have accumulated rich experience in using Chinese herbal medicines to prevent and treat diseases: Chinese herbal medicines are added into feed to make medicine baits, which are convenient to use and non-toxic and no residue: if three yellow powder is added to the feed, it can effectively prevent grass carp three diseases. The addition of Chinese herbal medicines such as pine needles, wormwood and medlar to fish feed can increase the survival rate and promote growth. With the deepening of the action of pollution-free food in China. It is inevitable that the fish feed is not polluted, so these new additives should be used as much as possible in the production of self-contained feed for fish.

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