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Organic Acids Increase Sow Water Intake During Pregnancy And Benefit Piglet Vitality

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Organic acids increase sow water intake during pregnancy and benefit piglet vitality

A study conducted by Trouw Nutrition's Swine Research Center showed that pregnant sows that received a drinking water additive composed of free acid and organic acid during the last 80 days of pregnancy had significantly higher water intake compared to the control group

The findings support early studies showing associations between high water intake and key indicators of piglet viability, including birth weight, litter weight, and colostrum intake. Trouw Nutrition researcher Pieter Langendijk shared the findings when he published a poster at the European Pig Health Management Symposium in Barcelona from May 9th to 11th.

Previous studies have shown that the amount of water consumed by sows during pregnancy is very different (Figure 1). To gain insights into the relationship between water intake in pregnant sows and key indicators of piglet viability (such as birth weight), Trouw Nutrition researchers conducted a study to compare sow and control groups that received drinking water additives (Selko pH) Intake.


In the mixed fetus study, pregnant sows obtained Selko-pH of 1 L/1000L from the 80th day of pregnancy through tillering. A control group received normal, quality assurance testing of tap water. Sows receiving Selko-pH had a significantly increased intake compared to control sows. Almost all sows receiving Selko pH had higher water intakes than 11.6 L/day. In contrast, 50% of the sows in the control group consumed less than 4.3 liters of water daily, which is lower than the recommended level (Figure 2).


Due to the large differences in water intake of sows in the study, the researchers divided water intake into three levels: low (less than 4 L / d), moderate (4-10.5 L / d), and high (greater than 10.5 L / d). ). Sows with high intake category had the highest birth weight of piglets and piglets (Table 1). The colostrum intake of the high-intake category is higher than that of the medium and low-intake categories.


Trouw Nutrition’s Dr. Juan Antonio Mesonero Escuredo, Manager of Pig Intestinal Health Worldwide, said that as the results of research have continued to increase, the increase in drinking water has been associated with positive effects after pregnancy. For example, looking at the effects of water intake on breastfeeding, the total feed intake in the second week of lactation increased by 600 grams per day and the daily increase in the third week of lactation increased by 300 grams. "Adding feed and water intake during lactation is beneficial to the sow, helping her to experience less lactation problems and a better estrus return," said Dr. Mesonero Escuredo. In addition, higher water intake during pregnancy can reduce constipation and relieve local processes. Dr. Escuredo said: "The increase in drinking water during pregnancy and lactation also reduces the risk of urinary tract infections in sows.

Trouw Nutrition's scientific poster presented at the European Pig Health Management Symposium introduced the “Impact of Sow Drinking Water” can be found here. As part of a comprehensive approach to improving animal health and performance through feed, farm and health strategies, Trouw Nutrition continues to invest in research to improve precise nutrition.


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