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Non-Nutrient Feed Additives

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Non-Nutritive Additives

Today we will introduce some Non-Nutritive Additives. There are manys kinds of Non-nutritive additives, like Antibiotic feed supplements,Non-antibiotic anti-microbial feed supplements,Antimycotic agents,Coccidiostats,Anti-parasitic additives etc.

Antibiotic feed supplements: Used to control sub-clinical bacterial infections and thereby boost the performance. Examples are tetracyclines, tiamutin, lincomycin, tylosin, erythromycin, colistin, doxycycline, bacitracin, flavomycin, virginiamycin, etc. It is advisable to use antibiotics which are not used in the treatment of human and animal diseases. Introduction of probiotics with favourable microbes has now limited the usage of antibiotics in feed.Non-antibiotic anti-microbial feed supplements: Check bacterial infections and promotes performance. Examples: Furazolidone, chlorhydroxy-quinoline.

Antimycotic agents: Prevent mould growth and production of toxins. Examples: Gentian violet, copper sulphate, propionic acid, calcium propionate and sodium benzoate.
Coccidiostats: Prevent outbreaks of coccidiosis. Examples: Dinitro-ortho-toluamide, salinomycin, robenidine, nicarbazine, monensin and maduramycin.
Anti-parasitic additives: Check various parasitic infestations. Examples: Dichlorophan, Niclosamide and Praziquantel.

Above all we talk about the Non-Nutritive Additives,you can follow us the adivice to use the dosage&usage for the Non-Nutritive Additives.

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