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Animal feed additives replacing antibiotics

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Animal feed additives replacing antibiotics

While the results surrounding feed additives to replace antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) is promising, additional research needs to be conducted under realistic production scenarios, the report concludes.

“To optimize the use of scarce public research and development resources, priority should be placed on areas of greatest need for products to replace antibiotic use. However, to develop an evidence-based prioritization, a comprehensive understanding of animal disease conditions that necessitate antibiotic use and the roles antibiotic alternatives can play is crucial. Emphasis needs to be given to on-farm antibiotic use data to tailor and prioritize future research efforts to areas of greatest antibiotic consumption,” it says.

The study is also careful to note that the success of antibiotic alternatives makes up only “one part of a comprehensive herd or flock health management program aimed primarily at the prevention of diseases, rather than curing of infections.”

“Our report focused on the scientific evidence for the efficacy of different products,” Hoelzer says. “We recognize that there are other factors, besides efficacy, that have to be considered with respect to using alternative products, such as the challenges in bringing these products to market.”

The study suggests that public-private partnerships will improve alternative product integration into overall farm management through real-world trials and added transparency.

Pew plans to continue to study alternatives to antibiotics in food animals moving forward.

The group also released a separate report examining on-farm strategies for reducing pathogensin meat and poultry.



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  • Creamy-white 50% Coated Zinc Oxide
  • 50% Glutathione-rich Yeast Extract
  • Yeast Extract Of 10% Nitrogen
  • Contained Amino Nitrogen Yeast Extract
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