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How To Use Feed Additives Correctly?

- Sep 10, 2018 -

How to use feed additives correctly?

It is no stranger to feed additives. It accounts for a small proportion of the diet and plays a large role. Reasonable use can reduce the cost of breeding and improve the efficiency of breeding. If used incorrectly, it can poison livestock or cause adverse consequences. To use feed additives, to achieve better performance, you must do the following:

1, reasonable choice, correct use

Different additives have different effects and different applications. For example, growth-promoting additives are suitable for young livestock and poultry. Antibiotic additives are commonly used in monogastric animals such as pigs and chickens. The production should be based on the purpose of feeding, feeding conditions, and nutritional status, physiological condition, age, weight and other conditions of livestock and poultry. Targeted selection, can not be abused. When using additives, use them according to the instructions. Do not use them by yourself. Additives can only be mixed in dry powder, stored for a short time, can not be mixed with water storage materials or fermented feed, and can not be heated and boiled together with feed. When used, mix with the feed, often premixed with 5%-10% of the feed, then mix with 30% of the material, and finally mix thoroughly. Do not mix the additive into a large amount of feed at a time, which will cause Uneven mixing, easy to cause poisoning after consumption of livestock and poultry.

2, feed additives should be used with purchase, some should be used interchangeably to fully exert their effectiveness

Feed additives should not be stored for a long time, and the storage period is generally not more than 6 months, especially vitamin preparations, otherwise the effect will be affected. Feed additives should be stored in a dry, cool and dark place. It is important to note that antibiotic additives should be used interchangeably to prevent the development of drug resistance by pathogenic microorganisms and affect the use of the drug.

3, pay attention to the antagonism of additives

There are antagonistic effects between many feed additives. Improper mixing not only does not receive the desired effect, but also easily causes some adverse reactions. If the alkaline choline is not mixed with calcium and phosphorus additives, vitamin additives, etc.; when adding phosphorus, do not add too much magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate at the same time; iron preparations can not be mixed with vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, etc.; The agent, oxytetracycline and tetracycline cannot be mixed with calcium additives such as stone powder, bone powder, shell powder and eggshell powder; sulfa drugs cannot be used simultaneously with artificial salts, magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, gypsum and other sulfur-containing additives.

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