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How To Prevent Sow Constipation?

- Oct 12, 2018 -

How to prevent sow constipation?

According to the survey, in recent years, the phenomenon of constipation in sows is very common. The incidence of constipation in sows can be as high as 75%. Sow constipation has become a concern of pig farmers! What does sow constipation mean? What are the reasons for sow constipation?

First, sow constipation is a symptom is not a disease, but if not treated in time, it will enter a pathological state. In sows, when the feces move slowly in the large intestine, the body's water is drained, making it difficult to defecate. In severe cases, even if it is not defecation, it will cause the sow to suffer from a series of diseases. Sow constipation is light, which can cause sluggish appetite, lack of nutrition, postpartum lactation, and weak piglets. In severe cases, the sows will be digested and absorbed, the spirit is not good, and the sows will die.

Second, the reasons for sow constipation are those

1. Sows do not exercise regularly after pregnancy, and the feed intake is low, which will lead to weakened digestion and absorption capacity of the sow, and dryness of the intestinal contents will lead to constipation.

2. Some are constipation caused by insufficient water in the sow, which occurs mostly during the summer.

3. Sows during pregnancy, excessive restriction of feed feeding, severe lack of nutrition, not used together with fermented feed, resulting in excessive absorption of water in the large intestine, constipation.

4. In the late stage of the sow's pregnancy, due to the increase of the fetus, the compression of the rectal wall is increased, the rectal peristalsis is reduced, the feces stay in the rectum for too long, and the water is excessively absorbed, causing constipation in the sow.

5. The sow's psychological stress before labor, leading to increased motility of the gastrointestinal system, excessive absorption of water in the large intestine, causing sow constipation.

6. The shifting stress of sow diets, when the low-protein diet of the sow's pre-pregnancy diet is transferred to the high-protein diet in the late pregnancy, changes the absorption capacity of the large intestine, which leads to constipation.

7. Over-reliance on various antibiotics. Antibiotics can also affect the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal bacteria while inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract. It will cause serious imbalance of intestinal flora and affect the digestion of food in the intestinal tract to cause constipation.

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