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Four Common Methods Of Fish Pond Disinfection

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Four Common Methods Of Fish Pond Disinfection

Fish ponds are places where fish grow, so whether or not the cleanliness play a direct role in the health of the fish. In order to allow fish to grow healthily and quickly in fish ponds, fish ponds should be sterilized on a regular basis, which medicine should be sterilized  for fish ponds? Today, Yaofei Biology has introduced four common methods about the disinfectant and fish pond disinfection.


 Lime disinfection

First, dry pool disinfection, drain water or leave water deep 5 ~ 10 cm, the amount of 40 ~ 55 kg / acre. Dig a few ponds of appropriate size around the pond to allow the water to flow in,then put the quicklime into the solution. Heat immediately and splash it in the whole pool. The next day you should use a long-handled loach to push it through the bottom of the pond to make the lime slurry. Pond mud is fully mixed to improve disinfection. The second is disinfection with water. The amount of quicklime is 60-75 kilograms/acre. After the quicklime is dissolved, it is spread evenly throughout the pool.


Tea bran disinfection

There is an effect to stimulate the shrimp and crab to grow with using the water disinfection. The dosage is 20 g/m3. The tea bran is crushed first and then mash for 1 to 2 days. Then the slag is evenly spilled. 

Bleach disinfection

 The dry pool was disinfected and the amount of bleach was 15 g/m3. The amount of water disinfected is 20 g/m3 , and the bleaching powder is sprinkled evenly across the pool.

Croton disinfection

 The sterilizing effect of crotons on the surface of cultured shrimp and crab is better. The dosage is 2-8 g/m3. The croton is crushed into a bucket, soaked in 3% salt water, and the mouth of the barrel is sealed. After 2 to 3 days, the whole pool is evenly spattered with slag.

The above medicines all have certain toxicity and have a certain lethality against the harmful organisms and pathogen, but if the dosage and methods are used in inappropriately or incorrectly, then they will also cause harm to fish. so a few fish can be released into the Disinfectant water to determine the safety and then a lot of stocking.

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