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Fight Hunger With Eggs

- Jan 21, 2019 -

Fight hunger with eggs

Egg and nutrition leaders have contacted the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to highlight the key role of eggs in eradicating hunger and malnutrition in developing countries.

Tim Lambert, president of the International Egg Committee and Dr. Saul Morris of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, said in a forum post that eggs seem to be increasingly likely to provide a practical and influential opportunity to address malnutrition, which leads to more than three points. One of the children is stunted in parts of Africa and South Asia. They highlighted a special supplement from the recently released Maternal and Infant Nutrition Journal, which examined a wealth of information about the value of eggs and possible ways to increase access.


Tim Lambert, Chairman of the International Egg Committee, is actively involved in the FAO Forum on Hunger Prevention and Malnutrition. Photo: IEC

The role of eggs

These papers outline the role of eggs in maternal and child nutrition diets, as well as the latest data on egg consumption, while the second part summarizes how social marketing can be used to promote high adherence in Ecuador in randomized controlled trials of early-feeding eggs. And a period of increased participation and policy change. The third and fourth papers examined how controlled interventions in Ghana and Zambia promoted the impact of poultry production on children's dietary diversity and nutritional status, while the fifth study examined successful experiences and lessons learned from small-scale poultry production projects. To increase egg production and egg intake in four different regions of Africa. The sixth paper reported a new approach to using eggshells to improve dietary calcium intake in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa, while the seventh report reported the business model of poultry production in East Africa. Others have studied how to achieve universal access to eggs through large-scale poultry production.


Lambert and Morris said: "This humble egg seems to be increasingly likely to provide a practical and influential opportunity to solve these problems. Eggs are almost pure protein, very high quality. They also provide for young children. Almost all of the vitamin B12 and choline intake. "The essential fatty acid content in eggs may be especially important during pregnancy. Almost the whole world - in addition to the vegetarian belts in India - all like to eat eggs, their prices can be produced, even for moderately poor people can buy. "

At the discussion forum, they raised a series of questions about the right balance between small-scale production, mass production and long-distance trade; different ways to increase demand for eggs, mitigate related animal welfare and carbon emissions, and How to encourage stakeholders to accelerate egg acquisition in poor communities. In some of the forum responses, Teopista Mutesi, from the FAO Rwanda office, said that as a communications officer in the field of FAO's implementation of poultry projects, he heard some astounding testimony about “family of malnourished children”. The eggs have been fed and the results are impressive.


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