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Definition Of Vitamins And Role In Animal Feed

- Aug 27, 2018 -

Definition of vitamins and role in animal feed

Vitamins are a group of low-molecular organic compounds with different chemical structures, different nutritional and physiological functions. They account for about five-tenths of a million in animal diets, much less than other nutrients. Vitamin is neither a source of energy nor a structural substance of body tissues and organs, but it is indispensable for the normal life activities of animals. A small amount of vitamins can maintain the body's normal metabolism, growth and development, reproduction, resistance to diseases and normal. survive. The main function of vitamins is to participate in the formation of highly active enzymes in animals. Many enzymes have been shown to contain vitamins. For example, vitamin B1 is a coenzyme of oxidative carboxylase, involved in the decarboxylation of pyruvate in sugar metabolism; vitamin B2 is a component of the flavonoid prosthetic molecule, which participates in biooxidation in the body and the like. If one of these vitamins is lacking, the body's corresponding metabolism will change abnormally. Most vitamins cannot be synthesized in animals. Only some of them can be synthesized by animals themselves (microorganisms in the rumen of ruminants can synthesize multivitamins), but some vitamins are synthesized in small amounts and cannot meet the normal needs of animals. Obtained in the feed to ensure its normal growth and reproduction.

It has been found that 13 vitamins are needed in animal diets, and the absence of any one can cause abnormalities in the animal, such as growth retardation, decreased productivity, reduced disease resistance, and even death. Vitamin deficiency often with comprehensive symptoms, which is not easy to quickly determine which vitamins are lacking. Therefore, in animal diets, a sufficient amount of various vitamins should be added according to the standard to eliminate various adverse factors that destroy vitamins and avoid vitamin deficiency.

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