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Chicken Feeding Has Tips

- Jan 22, 2019 -

Chicken feeding has tips

First, the feed is added to the bucket and the chicken should eat in about 6 hours. This ensures the freshness of the feed and the sprinkling of water into the trough when the chicken is eating, causing too much waste.


Second, the daily feeding must be a clean tank, which can reduce the damage of mycotoxins and more chickens, and the incidence of adenomyosis is much lower. The time to eat the powder every day should not be too long, about 2 hours.


Third, the feed should be stored in a dry place. Before feeding the feed, do not unpack it in advance to prevent the feed from absorbing moisture.


Fourth, adhere to the principle of feeding less, and ensure that the chickens are clean every day.


Fifth, the number of feedings should be emphasized: at least 6 times a day before brooding, three times a day after one week, about 15 days, can be fed during the day, no feeding at night, and let the chicken eat less normal 3 About one point.


Sixth, plan to feed the chickens and the amount of feed to ensure that each chicken can be eaten, but not too much.


Seventh, reduce the time of the feed in the trough, which is to give the chicken a reasonable control. Controlling the ingredients can make the chickens hungry, eat the fragrant, and reduce the occurrence of adenomyosis.


Eighth, after the chickens enter the 30th age, because the weight is too large, the chickens are not willing to move, and often rushing to catch the chickens is conducive to stimulating the chickens to eat more.

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