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Cattle With Cardamom Notes

- Aug 08, 2018 -

Cattle with cardamom notes

Cardamom is an important protein feed for cattle. There are three points that need attention during the feeding process.

1Heat treatment

Cardamom contains some undesirable substances such as antitrypsin, goiter-producing substances, saponin and hemagglutinin. The presence of antitrypsin reduces the ability of the small intestine to digest and absorb protein, which reduces the amount of protein that can be absorbed by cattle in the soybean meal, and is highly prone to diarrhea. The performance of the calf is more prominent. Long-term feeding of raw soybean meal will also cause pathologically enlarged changes in the pancreas of the cattle and thyroid enlargement, which may cause disorder in the metabolism of the cattle. The above-mentioned defective substance loses its effect after a suitable heat treatment such as heating to 110 ° C for 3 minutes. And heat treatment can reduce the digestion of protein in the rumen, reduce the loss of rumen ammonia, increase the content of rumen protein, thereby increasing the digestion and absorption of protein in the small intestine, and significantly improving the conversion efficiency of soybean meal in feeding cattle. It should be noted that heat treatment should be appropriate, and overheating will denature the soybean meal protein and reduce its nutritional value.

2. The appropriate granularity

It is advisable to process the soybean meal into a particle size of 0.9 to 2.5 mm in diameter (mesh size is 8 to 20 mesh). If the particle size is too small, it will produce a large amount of ammonia in the rumen of the cow, causing loss of protein. In severe cases, it will cause ammonia poisoning in cattle; if the particle size is too large, it will incompletely digest it, thereby reducing its feeding value.

3. Cooperate with taboos

Raw soybean meal contains urease, which decomposes urea to produce ammonia and carbon dioxide. Therefore, raw soybean meal cannot be mixed with urea.

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