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Cattle Signal Seminar Helps Raise Farmers' Awareness Of Dairy Cows

- Jul 18, 2018 -

Cattle Signal Seminar helps raise farmers' awareness of dairy cows

UK - Dairy farmers can encourage cows to express their natural behavior by making minor changes to the building to improve the health and production of the cows.

This is the first key piece of information from Master Trainer Rob Davies' many Cow Signals seminars organized by AHDB Dairy in mid-June.

These meetings support AHDB's Best Dairy System Program, which helps farmers reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Mr. Davis said: “The cows always tell the truth. Understanding the signals they send can help farmers control the pressure and make the healthier and healthier cows live longer and less susceptible to disease.”

In addition to explaining the cow's physical and behavioral instructions, the seminar was held in a practice session in the shack where farmers could try their observation skills.

Mark Wood, a dairy farmer who attended the seminar, said: "I really enjoyed this day. Rob said a lot of common sense, but sometimes it helps to look at things from a new perspective. Many small things can be a big deal. Differences, sometimes those Little things need to be pointed out.

“The seminar reminds me of what I am looking at at home. I will definitely look at my feed barrier position and stop neck friction, which is expected to improve feed intake. I will also look at lighting and lux numbers in the future and try to improve it further. Feed intake."

Cows should spend an average of 14 hours lying, 6 hours feeding, 2 hours socializing and 2 hours a day milking, doing some of these in a two hour cycle.

Mr. Davis continued: "Uncomfortable beds, lack of access to food and water, or poor ventilation can destroy the cow's natural behavior and cause stress."

“Farmers should focus on bedding and feed because this is the time that cows spend most of their time. It’s not always possible to make a lot of changes, so you have to think about what can be the biggest for the lowest cost. influences."


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