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Attentions Of Feed Additive Production

- Aug 22, 2017 -

Attentions Of Feed Additive Production

The following problems exist in the production and use of feed additive:

1. Abuse of antibiotics and hormones in feed additives in the production of early feed additives, some people use low doses of antibiotics or sulfa drugs to prevent the disease or diarrhea of livestock and poultry, this low dose of antibiotics can destroy the natural environment of microorganisms (including pathogenic microorganisms) between the ecological balance, residues in food, will seriously affect the treatment of human disease and human genetics.

2. Some trace elements of excessive or inadequate, in the feed additive commonly used trace elements are iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, selenium, etc., these elements into the body after the ions, the state of the complex compound of molecule or structure exists, the biochemical function in different state is also different, too seldom produces the deficiency disease, too many can cause the intoxication or produces the imbalance, therefore must the content be appropriate, moreover mixes evenly, otherwise may play the opposite role.

3. Excessive exaggeration of the role of feed additives, feed additive to balance the diet, promote livestock production, growth of the effect is positive, generally can be compared with the control group without additives to increase production of 5%-25%, but some products in advertising, exaggerated their role, to these unrealistic publicity, should arouse vigilance.

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